Science Writing & Reporting

News and features, including reporting supported by the National Geographic Society and stories for Ars Technica, Knight Science Journalism, MIT News and more, covering diverse science topics,  plus science book reviews.

For this reporting on conditions at Florida domestic violence centers through COVID-19, I was a recipient of the National Geographic Society’s Emergency Fund for Journalists.
Reporting for Ars Technica on Google’s stem cell clinic ad ban

mit scope no freedom

A feature chronicling the history of human testing that received an Honorable Mention from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies/Writing program for the Obermayer Prize for Graduate Student Writing, which recognizes excellence in writing that furthers the public’s understanding of how innovation happens.

Reporting on Katherine Eban’s seminar on Bottle of Lies for Knight Science Journalism.

mit news love lab

Reporting for MIT News on COVID-19 vaccine development.

mit news aidm

Reporting for MIT News on a new conference fueling drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cover story for Orlando Weekly on how the brain interprets music, according to neuroscience researchers.

Cover story for Orlando Weekly on urban beekeepers in the top honey-producing state of Florida.

Cover story for Orlando Weekly on the first-ever Maker Faire in Orlando.

Book reviews for Orlando Weekly on outstanding science books released in 2017.

Collaborative reporting project for an Orlando Weekly cover story on the preservation of significant trees in Central Florida, contributing writing and all photography.